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Adam Baruch, CPA


Cost-Effective Payroll Services in Manhattan

It is important, as a business owner, to pay employees by abiding by state laws and the IRS regulations. This can be time consuming and tedious, taking away valuable time you need to run your business. Adam Baruch, CPA provides experienced payroll services that pay your employees on time, giving you peace of mind. Payroll services by our Manhattan CPA firm produce essential reports that simplify your accounting department’s procedures and keep your company in compliance with any legal and tax filing requirements.

Why Outsource Your Payroll?

Besides reducing the burden of updating, customizing, and maintaining your own payroll system, as well as allowing you to focus on your business, outsourcing your payroll to our Manhattan CPA firm allows for accurate and efficient payroll services. By handling data entry, and being up-to-date on the ever-changing system, the accounting professionals at Adam Baruch, CPA remove the need to hire specialized employees. Eliminate the risks of calculating and filing your own payroll taxes by having professionals do it for you. Payroll can differ month to month due to overtime, sick pay, and vacation time; let us keep account of these variables for an accurate payroll report. We can provide these easy to understand reports at a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and we can generate payroll tax reports such as the W-2, W-3, 1099 and 1096 forms.  

On average, small business owners spend eight hours per month on payroll related tasks. While it may not seem like a lot of time, it does add up, and it takes time away from running your business.

If you own a small to medium-sized business with more than a few employees, you already know that payroll is complicated and it seems like every year a new piece of federal, state, or local legislation related to payroll is passed that you need to comply with.

If you’re just starting out, you may only have a few employees to worry about. You might be able to handle payroll on your own, but wouldn’t your time be better spent on developing new products or services for your business?  

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Outsourcing Your Payroll Is More Affordable Than You Think.

When you outsource your payroll responsibilities to me you get a dedicated payroll specialist who works with you throughout the entire payroll process. There’s no need for you to hire an in-house specialist or maintain a payroll system and I also stay on top of legislation affecting payroll compliance, so you don’t need to.

Here’s what I do for you:

  • Direct Deposit and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Payroll checks printing
  • Payroll tax compliance, e-filing, tax payments
  • Payroll reporting by employee or department
  • W-2, W-3, and 1099 processing
  • User-friendly, and easy to understand monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports
  • Payment of third-party withholdings such as insurance

There's No Need to Go It Alone.

If dealing with payroll leaves you stressed out and overwhelmed I can help.

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